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Sai Sharnam - Introduction

In a world where materialism rules the roots, finding solace is a precious commodity. However, India is one of the few countries in the world that is dotted with places of absolute peace, absolute tranquility and total transcendence. Yes ! transcending into another world spiritual capital, India , rise to an even higher level is all set to take you on a long and elaborate pilgrims progress.

Set amidst the lush western ghats, a little north of Mumbai, Shirdi is a busy hub absolving people of their worries, their strife for materialism & transforming them into a more holistic human being, every time. Introducing Sai Sharnam, one room Studio Apartments & two room Service Apartment amidst these virgin hills they stand to compliment the spirit of self-discovery. Spread in approximately 10,000 sq. meters, the complex cones with a host of reasons to discover life a new. The beautiful landscaping with fountain bodies, the amazingly picturesque surroundings, the quietude & more, Sai Sharnam has everything the modern mind should be looking for. Thanks to its religious & secular nature, Shirdi as a destination is growing beyond pilgrims & corporate travelers. Because more and more weekend visitors are taking road to Eternity.

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